HeraBEAT, your smart fetal heart rate monitor, CE approved
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Listen to your baby’s heartbeat
whenever, wherever

HeraBEAT US is a professional quality doppler moms
can use at home

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HeraBEAT, your smart fetal heart rate monitor, CE approved


HeraBEAT US, your smart fetal heart rate doppler

Medical grade fetal heart rate measurment. Hear, track, and share your baby’s heartbeat whenever and wherever you choose.

HeraBEAT US has received 510K clearance by the FDA, and is widely supported by medical experts.

Together with every heartbeat.
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How HeraBEAT Compares with Other Home Dopplers

HeraBEAT Other Home Dopplers
Noise Cancellation
Ensures a crystal clear fetal heart rate
5 stars
Unique algorithms eliminate background noise, allowing you to connect to the clear sound of your baby’s heartbeat.
1 star
Low quality audio makes it difficult to distinguish between the baby's heart rate, maternal heart rate, and other abdominal sounds.
Measurement Accuracy
Rely on accurate, quality measurements
5 stars
HeraBEAT US distinguishes the mother's heart rate from the baby's and calculates an average FHR, which can be beneficial for your care provider to review.
1 star
Low quality dopplers can pick up maternal heart rates or other internal sounds instead of the baby’s heartbeat. This can lead to false assurance and elevated anxiety levels.
Step by Step Guidance
Supports you to quickly and easily find baby's heartbeat
5 stars
In app step-by-step audio visual guidance based on real time algorithmic feedback enables you to find your baby’s heartbeat with ease.
1 star
A lack of hands-on guidance may lead to frustration and anxiety with moms not being able to find the baby’s heartbeat. There can be a steep learning curve, followed by frustration, worry, and increased levels of anxiety.
Wide Beam Ultrasound
Find baby’s heartbeat fast with a stable signal
5 stars
The sensitive and ultra wide ultrasound beam makes it easier to find your baby’s heart rate.
1 star
Low tech, narrow ultrasound beams can make it more difficult and time consuming to find baby’s heartbeat. This delay can increase stress and anxiety.
Wireless and Smart
Connect comfortably without wires from your phone
5 stars
Sit back, relax, and seamlessly connect via the latest in low energy bluetooth technology. Plus save and share recordings right from your phone!
1 star
Other dopplers do not connect to smart devices, nor can they store or send data. Plus they often come with inconvenient wires.
Help is here when you need it
5 stars
HeraBEAT is here to support expecting moms through their experience. We also provide on demand video tutorials. Contact us: 888.387.3450
1 star
Other dopplers do not offer support or guidance of any kind.
What doctors are saying about HeraBEAT

See what doctors are saying about HeraBEAT

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8 Reasons to use HeraBEAT US fetal heart rate doppler, in your first pregnancy

There isn’t a feeling quite like it – creating new life is an incredibly special time for mums to be. For some, the maternal instinct kicks in long before they actually give birth.

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