8 Reasons to use HeraBEAT home fetal heart rate monitor, in your first pregnancy

There isn’t a feeling quite like it – creating new life is an incredibly special time for mums to be. For some, the maternal instinct kicks in long before they actually give birth. We ask questions at each check up, we count kicks, we ensure we eat correctly – all of which help give our babies the best start in life.

But what happens in between each check up?

This is where a home fetal heart rate monitor comes in. It’s your first step in checking in on your baby from the comfort of home.

It works any time anywhere
Our home fetal heart rate monitor doesn’t need to be plugged in whilst in use and you don’t have to attend hospital or be in the presence of a doctor to use it. If it’s late at night or you’re away in a foreign country, it’s a good way to check in on your baby.

Medically approved
HeraBEAT has passed clinical trials and has received a CE certificate. Our fetal heart rate monitor is recognised by doctors, and was developed with a medical team of antenatal specialists and midwives. Since HeraBEAT has been made to meet medical standards, it is considered a medical device with hospital-like strength, accuracy, and safety.

It’s easy to use
HeraBEAT comes with an app, which guides you step by step on how and where to place the monitor to find baby’s heartbeat. This audio and visual guide makes the device accessible and easy to use. We also have a dedicated helpline available so that you always have someone to talk to.
Accuracy similar to hospital equipment
Pioneering technology within the HeraBEAT device gives you the most accurate reading whilst being intuitive and easy to use. Our technology separates your own heartbeat from your baby’s to avoid confusion. The only heartbeat you’ll pick up and hear is that of your baby’s – there’s no confusion or guessing with HeraBEAT.

You can record and share
Every time you use HeraBEAT, the measurement is recorded and saved on the app, allowing you to listening back to the heartbeat. As well as creating lasting, special memories, it means you can also share the audio file with others – whether it’s family, your spouse, or even your doctor.

It’s really small
About the size of a hockey puck, HeraBEAT is convenient and easy to carry around, allowing you to use it when out and about or anywhere within your home.

Monitor the heartbeats
After each use of the HeratBEAT home fetal heart rate monitor, you receive a visual strip of data. This shows each heartbeat over a period of approx. 2-3 minutes and also the number of beats per minute (BPM). With this information, you can track for any changes between each use and even share this data with your medical team to gain valuable insights.

Bonding opportunity
HeraBEAT allows you to listen to your baby’s heartbeat any time, any place. Check in on your baby in between doctor visits and checkups, at a time that suits you and when you most need it. We allow you to gain insight into what’s going on inside your bump together, with every heartbeat.