Frequently Asked Questions about HeraBEAT Fetal Doppler

Video Tutorials

These videos will guide you through each step of using the HeraBEAT device along with the HeraBEAT app. Find a comfortable spot and enjoy the special moment with your bump.

  • Tutorial 1

    Setup & Connection of HeraBEAT

    • Downloading The HeraBEAT App
    • Enabling Bluetooth
    • Details For Guided Search
    • Turning On The Device
    • Connecting To HeraBEAT

  • Tutorial 2

    Finding & Monitoring your baby’s heartbeat

    • General Do’s & Don’ts
    • The Guided Search
    • The Result Screen
    • Hearing The Recording
    • Sharing Measurements


Is HeraBEAT safe for use?
HeraBEAT meets all safety standards of a medical device. It has passed rigorous tests in compliance with all relevant medical device safety standards. The device has received a medical CE Certificate by the British Standard Institute (BSI) and holds a certificate from the Israeli Ministry of Health.
When can I start using HeraBEAT?
HeraBEAT has gone through rigorous testing and can be used as early as week 12. Due to several physiological aspects of the pregnancy however, such as baby size, placenta position and others, it can in some cases, be challenging to locate the baby’s heartbeat and more difficult to maintain stability. As the pregnancy progresses, and towards week 18 the device becomes easier to use.
What are doctors saying about HeraBEAT?
HeraBEAT has been designed to reassure expectant mothers from the comfort of their own home. HeraBEAT has been developed in collaboration with leading OB GYN experts to make sure it meets the medical standards of ultrasound dopplers. Doctors who have tested HeraBEAT have confirmed its accuracy and recognise the value of home monitoring as a reassurance throughout the pregnancy experience. Read more about what doctors are saying here.
How does HeraBEAT compare with hospital monitoring?
HeraBEAT provides professional accuracy from the convenience of your own home. It has been scientifically and clinically proven for home-use fetal heart rate monitoring. With HeraBEAT you’ll have results in minutes. No need to schedule, commute, or wait in line.
Does HeraBEAT replace a full medical test by a physician?
HeraBEAT is an advanced fetal heart rate monitor that provides accurate and reliable measurements as long as it is used following the instructions and within the given limitations.
The device is not intended to replace a full medical test by a physician or a nurse.
In case of any doubt or concern, we recommend seeking proper medical assistance.
Furthermore feel free to reach out to our customer service, for further support and guidance.
Which regulatory certificates does HeraBEAT comply with?
HeraBEAT complies with the medical device directive and holds a CE class IIa medical device certificate by the British Standard Institute (BSI).
Which smartphones are supported by the HeraBEAT app?
For iOS smart devices, HeraBEAT is supported by iOS 11 and up. For Android smart devices, HeraBEAT is supported by Android 6 and up, with BLE Bluetooth chip 4 and up.
HeraBEAT is not supported by smartphones that have been on the market for over 3 years.
The easiest way to check if HeraBEAT works on your smart device is by trying to download the app. If you’ve successfully downloaded it, HeraBEAT will work on your device.
What does the HeraBEAT kit include?
The HeraBEAT kit includes:
1 HeraBEAT device
1 Power supply (UK BS socket)
2 Ultrasound gel tubes (60 ml)
1 Carry case
1 User manual
The HeraBEAT app must be downloaded onto your smartphone in order to operate the device.
Is the HeraBEAT monitor easy to use or do I need training?
HeraBEAT is easy to use and very intuitive. You don’t need any prior knowledge about fetal heart rate monitors. The app connects wirelessly to the device and guides you through each step from applying the gel, to maneuvering the device until you hear the heartbeat.
Are there any tutorial videos to help me operate the device?
Yes. We have several instructional videos. You can watch them here.
Can I save a recording of my baby’s fetal heartbeat?
Yes. Recordings of your baby’s heartbeat are automatically saved locally in the app and you can share them with your doctor, family and friends. You’ll find the recordings on the results screen and can access them via the history screen.
What technology does HeraBEAT use?
HeraBEAT combines an ultrasound doppler for measuring the fetal heart rate,
with an optical sensor for measuring the maternal heart rate. It uses both to distinguish between the maternal and the fetal heart rates. It also includes a motion sensor to detect device movements during measurements. Read more about the technology here.
How can I obtain more gel?
Please contact your local distributor for additional gel tubes.
What is your return policy? Does HeraBEAT have a warranty?
If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we have a 30-day money back guarantee. Read our return policy here. HeraBEAT’s limited warranty is for a period of two years from purchase.
Can anyone use HeraBEAT?
HeraBEAT is indicated for use in normal pregnancies starting from the 12th week, while maintaining the below restrictions.

HeraBEAT device is not intended for:
Use during defibrillation
Use during ECG measurements
Use in the shower or underwater
Use on patients connected to external electrical stimulators or cardiac pacemakers.
Fetal heart rate measurements in multiple pregnancies (twins or more).

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