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HeraBEAT US (HeraBEAT) is an FDA cleared, professional-quality fetal heart rate doppler designed by parents and medical professionals specifically for moms to use at home. 

Being pregnant is hard – and during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s even harder. Less frequent in person visits replaced by virtual check ups without proper remote monitoring equipment is stressful and anxiety inducing. That’s where we come in. No need to wait for your next appointment to hear the sound of your baby’s heart. Listen and connect with ease whenever you like, wherever you are. 

HeraBEAT has received 510K clearance by the FDA and complies with the medical device directive and holds a CE class IIa medical device certificate by the British Standard Institute (BSI). HeraBEAT has been extensively tested by doctors, midwives, care providers, and of course, moms. HeraBEAT offers interactive step-by-step guidance and support, the ability to record and download the sound of your baby’s heart to share with your care team, friends and family, and much more.

Why HeraBEAT?
    1. HeraBEAT allows mom to listen to her baby’s heartbeat and share that sound/measurement with her care provider, friends, and family.
    2. HeraBEAT is the only fetal heart rate doppler designed by parents, medical professionals and product experts specifically for moms to use at home.
    3. HeraBEAT is FDA cleared, uses state of the art technology, and is used by care providers worldwide.
    4. HeraBEAT has been extensively tested by doctors, midwives, and moms.
      Unlike other dopplers, HeraBEAT makes it simple to find the baby’s heartbeat and can be used starting in the second trimester, often before mom feels the baby move for the first time.
    5. HeraBEAT offers interactive, step-by-step guidance and support.
    6. HeraBEAT works with an easy to use smartphone app and connects wirelessly via bluetooth.

Learn more about why HeraBEAT is a great addition to your pregnancy.

What’s inside?
  • HeraBEAT US kit includes:
  • 1 HeraBEAT US device
    1 Power supply
    2 Ultrasound gel tubes (60ML)
    1 Carry case
    1 User manual (US)
    1 Gel User Manual
Product spec
  • Weight: 130 grams
    Dimensions: 3.5 x 1.5 inch
    Safety: HeraBEAT US has received 510K clearance by the FDA
    Power: 3.7VDC,1250mAh internal rechargeable battery
When can I start using HeraBEAT?
HeraBEAT US fetal heart rate doppler is usable from week 12 onwards. Always read the user manual before first use.
How does it work?

HeraBEAT uses professional ultrasound doppler technology, which is standard practice in medical communities worldwide.

staging1.herabeat.comes with our supporting app that helps find and track your baby’s heartbeat. With step-by-step guidance, you can keep and even share the measurements with friends and family.

Once you’ve received your device, download the HeraBEAT app (available on iOS and Android). Follow the on-screen instructions and enjoy hearing your baby’s heartbeat.

For more information, visit our FAQ page or contact us with any questions. We’re happy to help!

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