6 Unique gifts for expectant mothers

Whether it’s for comfort, taking care of the baby when they arrive, or simply for pampering, expectant mums are often tough to buy for. We’ve compiled a list of the 6 most unique gifts for that special someone who has a little one on the way.

Pregnancy pillow
Designed by a registered nurse and mum, the Snoogle pillow follows the natural shape of your body from head to toe. Customise your position for ultimate comfort whilst taking care of your precious bump.

Mom and baby logbook
For those sleepless nights when you’ve got a lot on your mind, this logbook by Babydaze allows you to ‘dump’ your thoughts, worries, and fears before giving birth, and keep track of feeding time and other parameters afterwards. Clearing your mind will help with getting some much needed sleep.

Countdown to baby
Countdown the weeks until baby arrives with this fun customisable tracker and mark each milestone with punch-out tokens. Make note of when you first hear the baby’s heartbeat, when you buy their first item of clothing, and much more.

Baby bump speakers
With studies showing that babies remember music heard in the womb, it’s no wonder we have an instinct to play music to our bump. With these speakers by Bellybudz you can safely do just that. Stick them on to your bump with a safe adhesive, and play your favourite tunes to your baby. You could even record your own messages and songs to make the experience that little bit more special.

Nausea relief
Since around 80% of us will experience nausea at some point during pregnancy, having a form of relief can make a big difference. Sea bands are a safe and natural way to combat feeling sick as they work using acupressure on the wrist area. Alleviate your nausea in the least intrusive way.

Fetal heart rate doppler
The list wouldn’t be complete without our very own HeraBEAT US fetal heart rate doppler. Hear and track your baby’s heartbeat from the comfort of home, at any time. Since our doppler records each measurement, you can now share the measurement summary with your doctor and share the sounds and experience with those closest to you.