Why we should all be using smart home dopplers during pregnancy

With the world becoming more open and connected and with the number of smart (IoT) devices in the world estimated at 7 billion, it’s no surprise that we are taking our health into our own hands. This is especially relevant during the 40 weeks of pregnancy, during which checkups are normally carried out about once a month (in healthy pregnancies), which means most of us check in on our baby’s wellbeing at those intervals only. This is where smart home dopplers comes in.

How does it work?

Our device – a smart home fetal heart rate doppler – allows you to hear your baby’s heartbeat with hospital grade accuracy and then send the measurements to your health care provider for review. The ultrasound doppler technology finds your baby’s heartbeat and using our smart detection optical sensor technology your own heartbeat is located as well, to make sure the two aren’t being confused. The device is handheld and comes with a mobile app that guides you on how to move the device around your bump. Once you’ve found the heartbeat you can record it, send the measurement summary to your doctor or provider, and of course, share the sound recording of your baby’s heartbeat with family and friends.

Your peace of mind

Smart home fetal dopplers used during pregnancy allow you to check in on your baby’s heartbeat between each doctor’s appointment. It gives you that extra little bit of information about your baby, allowing you to check in on them from the comfort of your own home, and at a time that suits you and send to your doctor for further evaluation.


With HeraBEAT US you can find and track your baby’s heartbeat within minutes. The device is small and portable meaning you can use it anywhere and at any time.

Accuracy at your fingertips

Unlike other devices, HeraBEAT US was developed with a team of doctors and specialists in women’s health. It has received FDA 510K Clearance, passed rigorous tests and is a medical device with a CE certificate from the BSI (British Standards Institute), meaning you’re in safe hands.

You don’t need to be a professional

Most medical devices require a trained medical professional to use them. Doctors carrying out your prenatal checkups for example, have been trained on how and where to move the ultrasound in order to find the baby’s heartbeat. HeraBEAT US brings you the same hospital grade quality, and has made it accessible and easy to use. Our step by step app guides you to find your baby’s heartbeat, showing you where and how to move the device around your bump. There’s very little training involved – all the information is on your screen and is easy to follow.

Share your data

HeraBEAT US smart fetal doppler measurements allow you to share the data with your health care provider and gain remote medical supervision. You may also share the experience with your nearest and dearest. Not many home fetal heart rate dopplers allow you to keep a recording of your baby’s heartbeat. With HeraBEAT US, since you can keep and always replay the sound of your baby’s heartbeat whenever you like, you can share the file with others. Whether it’s close family members or even at your next doctor’s appointment, sharing data about your baby’s heartbeat can provide valuable insight into their general wellbeing.